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Jacqueline Renda

Therapist & Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Port Jefferson, NY.
Due to COVID-19, all sessions will be tele-health
My Approach

No two people are the same, and as a result, I tailor my approach to the individual.


The HEART of what I do is recognize where you seem to be struggling and develop strategies to alter certain behaviors and thoughts to allow you to present a more resilient, self-aware, and healthy you.

I pull my techniques from a background in both psychodynamic therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, combining methods of treatment and proven intervention strategies to individualize my approach based on the client.

About Me

I am a therapist and licensed clinical social worker

(LCSW-R) with 30+ years of experience providing individual, family, and couples therapy.

I've worked at crisis hotlines, school districts, private practice, you name it. My diversity of experience provides me with an arsenal of skills to understand, coach, and support my clients.

In 1987, I graduated from the School of Social Welfare at SUNY Stony Brook with a Masters in Social Work. I am a member of the National Association of Social Workers. 

Now that you know a little about me, who are you?


You're Mighty

You're strong and determined,. You're known in your friend group for being the planner.


They say you always "have it all put together,"yet you feel like everything can fall apart in the blink of an eye.

You like to be in control, feeling unsettled when uncertainty hits. You're scared.

You are welcome here.


You're Brave

Life happens and sometimes, it hits hard. Way too hard.

Success in all its forms (emotional, psychological, physical, etc) is dependent on resiliency, but it doesn't mean that you have to push through all on your own.

Let me be your helping hand.


You're Floating

Maybe you're at a transitional point in your life. Maybe you are lost and second guessing the path you've chosen.

When you make a decision, be it a career, a lifestyle, a relationship, it can feel overwhelming when it isn't going how you first envisioned it. 

You've come to the right place.


You're Ready

You're taking the first step.

You know that something has been holding you back. You recognize the importance of combating destructive thought processes and past traumas.

You're ready for your future.

I'm honored to help you on your journey.

Some of my specialties . . .








Life Transitions







Individual Therapy

Whoever you are, whatever your journey, I'm here to help.

Whether you're looking for new strategies, an outside opinion, or a guiding hand, I will provide you with the skills needed to break habits and ultimately lead a healthier life.

You've gotten this far already! Take the next step and set up an appointment.

Couples Therapy

Ever wonder why relationships are just so hard?

Feeling burnt out? Ready to flip at a moment's notice? Think nothing is ever going to change? Can't seem to agree on anything anymore?

Reach out today to start reestablishing trust, honesty, and support.

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