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Life is hard - no doubt about it - but that doesn't mean that you have to accept all its bumps and bruises.


Let's team up and start understanding your emotions, patterns, and behaviors to ultimately bring about positive change and work on personalized goals.

This is your life. Take control of it.


"Why am I feeling so stuck?"

Common Issues Addressed in Therapy

Focusing on You


Balancing Work/School and your personal life


Body Image Concerns and Unhealthy Comparisons


Questioning Sexuality/Gender Identity/Gender Expression

Life Transitions

Loss of Energy/Motivation

Identifying your needs and your life path

Confidence and Communication Skills

Juggling different facets of your lifestyle


Feelings of Isolation

Crippling Negativity

Your Relationships with Others

Developing Conflict Skills

Learning how to deal with confrontation


Recovering from trust issues

Difficult Family Relationships

Coming Out

Creating and enforcing boundaries

Navigating the dating world

Strengthening friendships

Dealing with FOMO

End or Start of Relationships

Low motivation in social life




No one is perfect and it's easiest to just accept it.

Everyone has something to work on.

Self-Care is everything.

You binge the latest Netflix show. You buy yourself the fancy $6 coffee. Just as a physical trainer works on your relationship with your physical health, a therapist works with you on your emotional and psychological health. Therapy is just another way to focus on you. 

It's not about checking a box - you have to work for it.

Just going to therapy will not change your life. It's not one of those college lectures where you can do half the reading and slide by in class. You have to be dedicated and willing to enact change in your life. It's work, but once you do so, it'll all be worth it.

History has a way of repeating itself.

In order to break out of our old patterns, we have to understand our past and our own way of thinking. Reconditioning our thought process is the only way we can strive towards a more positive future. Your new self might cost you your old one, and that's 100% okay.

Coffee and Work

I'm in . . . what's next?

Enter your contact information below and I'll reach out!

During our initial call, I'll ask for your email address so I can send you intake forms.

If we are meeting in person, you can bring them to your first session.

If we are doing tele-health sessions, you can fill out all the paperwork online.

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