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It is not easy to maintain a relationship, especially when faced with hurdles such as financial hardship, lack of communication, diverging opinions, or even parenthood.


Life has its ups and downs and so do relationships. If you feel disconnected from your partner, it might be the right time to take steps to strengthen your relationship.

I will work alongside you and your partner to regain trust, instill confidence, and stride towards a balanced relationship. It is not enough to wait for a situation to heal itself; time, dedication and genuine compassion all play a role in developing yourselves as individuals and as partners.

Since no two couples are the same, I take time to adopt a different approach for each couple. I make sure that I am cultivating an environment of openness, non-judgement, and honesty.


Relationships are supposed to bring you happiness and joy.


Isn't it time that you and your partner choose to take the first step toward change?

Can my partner and I see you separately?

It depends. For couples therapy, the couple is the client.

The main goal is to ensure openness, honestly, and support between both members of the couple.

Depending on your situation, and if individual work is needed, it might be beneficial to have supplemental individual sessions as well as regular couple sessions.

My partner doesn't think we have problems, should I still come?

Absolutely! Sometimes partners are not interested in going to therapy. To this, I say, bring up the topic in a gentle way.

Once your partner sees positive change, it might make them feel more willing to join in. Nevertheless, if this is not the case, you can still work on your side of the relationship alone.

For your relationship to work, it will take two people, but change begins with one.

I'm in . . . what's next?

Enter your contact information below and I'll reach out!

During our initial call, I'll ask for your email address so I can send you intake forms.

If we are meeting in person, you can bring them to your first session.

If we are doing tele-health sessions, you can fill out all the paperwork online.

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